Cooperative Partnership Insurance Company (CPIC)

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve wondered when someone was going to create a better way to provide insurance. Now, there is a way to gain greater control through our group captive solutions.

For decades, large corporations have benefited from having risk-management alternatives. Now, these alternatives are available for owners of independent and family-owned businesses.

Cooperative Partnership Insurance Company is a captive insurer (a mutual insurance company owned exclusively by its insureds) and is domiciled in Vermont. This company is managed by insurance services provider Charter Partners.
Prospective Members may apply for insurance as part of a new or existing industry group.

This alternative risk-management approach is based on a solid foundation of:

  • participation only by business owners recommended and selected by their peers
  • entrepreneurs working together with a commitment to safety and prevention of insurance losses
  • risk management professionals as service providers working for you
  • long-term commitment through ownership.

This option may work for you if you’re among the growing numbers of entrepreneurs who want to:

  • have more control and influence
  • share best practices to improve business
  • avoid insurance claims from happening in the first place
  • work together with trusted peers