The Trust Towel is a continued reminder of the Trust and Respect on which all Charter Partners relationships are built.

One of the many times this trust and respect is demonstrated, and is an important factor to achieving a successful outcome, is at Charter Partners meetings. The graphics on the towel are there to remind and guide meeting attendees in showing trust and respect to their fellow Members in several ways:
Trust Towel

  1. Time – be respectful of your partner’s time. Begin meetings on-time, take reasonable breaks and end on-time
  2. No Bull – be honest and tell the truth
  3. No Interruptions – no talking over someone else, no put-downs, no cell phones, no beepers.
  4. No Whining – reminds meeting attendees not to whine but rather constructively contribute to the conversation and be part of the solution.
  5. Whispering – talk to people, not about people. No side conversations.
  6. No Surprises – Partners don’t surprise partners.

If during the course of the meeting any tenets listed above are violated, the violator is asked to contribute a minimum of one dollar ($1) to the Charter Partners donation bucket placed in the center of the meeting room.

At the end of the meeting, the facilitator will forward all monies in the bucket to Charter Partners. Charter Partners matches the dollars and donates to the charity, chosen by consensus, of the Members annually.