CPIC Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in the Cooperative Partnership Insurance Company (CPIC). As a mutual insurance company we are very member-focused. We came together with the intention of finding a better way to procure insurance; we came away with relationships and strategies to improve our businesses. If you are like us, you want more control and influence over the things that affect your business. CPIC believes:

  • Participation should only come from business owners recommending their peers
  • In the value of entrepreneurs working together with a commitment to safety and loss prevention.
  • Hiring risk management professionals as service providers that work for the members, not for the large generic insurance company.
  • Long-term commitment through financial alignment and ownership by the members.

We went beyond just purchasing insurance; we learned how to create our own insurance company to provide a competitive advantage. As business owners, we like to talk to decision makers. Here, you have the opportunity to talk directly and frankly with insurance executives and have influence over pricing, coverage and claims handling. Other differentiators are:

  • Creates Stability Through Partnering
  • Shares Real-world Best Practices
  • Peer-Selected Model Gives You A Voice In Who Joins Your Group
  • Provides Information In A Trusted Environment
  • Fosters Control & Influence with Direct Communication w/Decision Makers
  • Eliminates The “Last-minute” Renewal
  • Dedicated Claims & Risk Control Providers
  • Non-Assessable Model

We invite you to explore the opportunity to participate in our insurance company. Please feel free to contact anyone of us to get a first-hand account of why we have chosen to manage our risk and insurance needs through collaboration with other qualified entrepreneurs through CPIC.

CPIC Board of Directors (& Member Owners)

Doug Dolinar
Guidemark, Inc.

David Dam
Russell Reid

Jim Germak
Jagtrux, Inc.

John Lawlor
Keystone Fire Protection

Rick Malady
Fire Fighter Sales & Service

David O’Connell
Wilson Oil & Propane

Mike Ruddy, Jr.
Allied Concrete