September 17, 2018

Q3 2018 Charter Partner’s Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to the third quarter Charter Partner’s newsletter.  This quarter we highlight Stout Transportation’s Charity Poker Run, Michael Hein appointed to NAFED board of directors, Keystone Fire Protection and…

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June 21, 2018

Q2 2018 Charter Partner’s Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to the second quarter Charter Partner’s newsletter.  This quarter we highlight Dale Carnegie Training, ISO 45001, Cyber Risks, Captive insurance news and welcome Wayman Fire Protection to the community…

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March 21, 2018

Q1 2018 Charter Partner’s Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to the first quarter Charter Partner’s newsletter. This quarter, we highlight new members Reliable Fire Protection, Bailey Coach and Panorama Tours.  We also discuss Vermont’s amended captive legislation, ALCOA’s Safety Culture as well as Life Safety Alliance’s Stay-At-Work Program….

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December 20, 2017

Fourth Edition of the Charter Partner’s Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to the fourth edition of your Charter Partner’s newsletter! This quarter, we highlight client Russell Reid winning the NJ Family Business of the Year Award from Fairleigh Dickinson’s Rothman Institute.  We also include articles regarding the importance of safety as an aspect of a company’s culture, tips to maintaining professionalism at company holiday parties, and reflect on the life of Charter Partners’ long-time employee, Suzie Stark, who passed away in October.

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September 20, 2017

Third Edition of the Charter Partner’s Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to the third edition of your Charter Partner’s newsletter! This quarter, we speak with Anna Gavin, third generation owner of Fireline, on the 70th Anniversary of her grandfather’s company.  We also include information regarding cyber claims payouts, the future of the Internet of Things (IoT), and highlights from the Board of Director’s Annual Meeting.

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June 29, 2017

Second Edition of the Charter Partner’s Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to the second edition of your Charter Partner’s newsletter! This quarter, we speak with Brett Straten, President of Long-time Life Safety Alliance (LSA) member and CPIC captive owner, Associated Fire Protection (AFP) about his thoughts on contributing success factors, current state of affairs as well as his outlook for the future of the business.

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April 5, 2017

First Edition of the Charter Partner’s Quarterly Newsletter!

Welcome to the first edition of your Charter Partner’s newsletter! The newsletter content will include information regarding the captive overall, insurance and risk management-related information, Vermont captive regulatory information and news about you and your businesses.

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January 25, 2017


Everest Reinsurance Holdings, Inc. has joined forces with industry veterans Glen and Todd Welch to form Salus Systems, LLC, a strategic partnership between the two companies that focuses on reducing workplace injuries.

The new entity, Salus Systems, LLC, will further develop and market ZERO, the insurance industry’s first collaborative risk management platform. ZERO is named for its creators’ desire to help companies and workers drive insurance claims down to “zero” by improving communications amongst employees and empowering them to reduce and eliminate workplace safety issues.

ZERO includes:

  • A revolutionary, real-time mobile platform that engages and empowers all employees of participating companies to be active and contributing members of the company’s safety program
  • A new channel for workers to communicate instantly with their management to report potential safety issues and risk mitigation best practices
  • A peer to peer inter-company sharing platform for safety-minded company leaders to create a community with others to share information and improve overall safety practices.

The ZERO platform is currently in use at several partner companies. It will soon be available for use by businesses across the country at In this new partnership, Salus Systems will market the ZERO system directly to safety conscious companies and to Everest Insurance® insureds across the Everest Specialty P&C portfolio. For additional information, please visit or contact Todd Welch at (610) 438-3535.

Jonathan Zaffino, President of the North American Insurance Operations, said, “ZERO engages businesses with key features of the sharing economy by empowering individuals linked via a mobile device. A company using this system, working independently – or together with other like-minded companies – can impact the number of incidents and lower overall insurance costs.”

Bill Thygeson, Chief Administrative Officer, whose responsibilities include oversight of Loss Control, stated, “US employers spend more than $1 billion each week on nonfatal workplace injuries. Eight of the top ten causes of these injuries can be mitigated using this technology,” Thygeson added. “ZERO will help smaller companies attain the safety and protection status of the largest companies at a fraction of the cost. And larger companies can more effectively and efficiently establish, improve, and sustain a strong safety culture and improved workplace performance.”

Todd Welch and Glen Welch, co-founders of Charter Partners, created ZERO as a safety and risk management tool for business owners such as those in the Charter Partners community of privately owned businesses. “Workers and owners share a mutual interest: keeping employees safe in the workplace,” said Todd Welch. “We created ZERO to bring transparency to risk management and safety. This technology platform can provide awareness, instant communication, and access to knowledge for workers and management.”

Glen Welch will serve as the joint venture CEO and President. “This is an exciting time with unprecedented change ahead for the insurance industry. Today’s technology is creating new opportunities for safety collaboration and engagement and we believe there is no better place to apply this than to the safety of employees,” said Glen. “Todd and I are delighted to be associated with the team at Everest who bring a strong reputation of integrity, quality, and commitment to this partnership.”

Everest Reinsurance Holdings, Inc. is a Delaware-based holding company and a subsidiary of Everest Re Group Ltd. (NYSE:RE). Everest Insurance® refers to the primary insurance operations of Everest Re Group, Ltd., and its affiliated companies which offer property, casualty, and specialty lines insurance on both an admitted and non-admitted basis. Everest Re Group, Ltd. is a Bermuda holding company that operates through the following subsidiaries: Everest Reinsurance Company provides reinsurance to property and casualty insurers in both the U.S. and international markets. Everest Reinsurance (Bermuda), Ltd., including through its branch in the United Kingdom, provides reinsurance and insurance to worldwide property and casualty markets and reinsurance to life insurers. Everest Reinsurance Company (Ireland), Limited provides reinsurance to non-life insurers in Europe. Everest National Insurance Company and Everest Security Insurance Company provide property and casualty insurance to policyholders in the U.S. Everest Indemnity Insurance Company offers excess and surplus lines insurance in the U.S. Everest Insurance Company of Canada provides property and casualty insurance to policyholders in Canada. The Company also operates within the Lloyd’s insurance market through Syndicate 2786. In addition, through Mt. Logan Re, Ltd., the Company manages segregated accounts, capitalized by the Company and third party investors that provide reinsurance for property catastrophe risks. Additional information on Everest Re Group companies can be found at the Group’s web site at